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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brief Basement Update

The NelCity Basement is now an organization which stands as a foundation for all of those who are willing to be committed to its cause. We look more into creating job opportunities for ourselves and growth as performers on the shows / events that we push. This leaves space for more movements to surface – meaning that our organization will always keep an ear in the streets for that kid or daughter who is really pushing and seeks direction and other facilities. This organization is a means of self-empowerment - ONLY to those who want to help themselves.

The NelCity Basement lent a hand in these projects:

Pedro Kan-ill's Kings & Nations Dreamtape (Mixtape) (2010); Perr's Sati Sase Mpumalanga (Album) (2010); Hebza Mabza's  Fantasium World (2010) and his promo release - The Fantasium Streettape (2009); J.O.B's Me and Mi Crazy Dream (2009); Switch Flow's Switch Tape (2009); Nu Error's Hold On EP (2009) and Ehm'sHe's Humms & Mic Checks: The Preseshin (2008).

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The first Nelcity basement members from Left: M-zee; Lwazi; Wax Lyrikal; Trixxx; I.N.I; Illkid; Ntando (Virtuoso); M.x.O; Lutho; Truth; K.G.; Mr. Cool & Zero