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Monday, July 2, 2012

MP's Got Talent!!!

This past weekend we learned of a few developments in our local hip-hop fraternity. Street Amu is putting in mad hours into their project and Slang G, he's making some exemplary moves. So we decided to link to their videos just so you're in the know as well, about the monsoon that looms in Mpumalanga.

A performance by Slang G - whose name I didn't know at the time, caught my attention at the Luv Ur Hood Session in Shatale - in March. Here at the basement our main objective is too push our own, and this young man is worthy of being showcased, this is us ovating his moves! Our Fives fly in the air at him! Check out his video below.

Slang G on Facebook

On to The Street Amu Promo Tape... This is what Pedro Kan-ill one of the members had to say, "The Street Amu Promo Tape is a promotional mix tape that we plan to release with the attempt to keep fans entertained while we cook the anticipated “013 TAPE”. The promo tape comprises of tracks we’ve recorded on international beats to showcase our musical diversity as well as following the traditional HipHop street remix trend, it also features a variety of our original tracks which will be included on the 013 tape as a marketing tool.

The promo tape will basically have an amount of 10 tracks (five of the international remixes & five of our own tracks). The rhyming scheme and flow is relevant, uniquely pioneered and displays a high level of lyrical skill. The digitally released tracks have been exceptionally received by most HipHop followers and have reached thousands of plays as well as download on distribution sites. The tape is a contribution from us in raising the standard of HipHop in Mpumalanga since we are one of the most overlooked provinces in the HipHop game nationally."

Check Out: Pedro on Facebook
Check Out: Shaun G'eezy on Facebook

The first Nelcity basement members from Left: M-zee; Lwazi; Wax Lyrikal; Trixxx; I.N.I; Illkid; Ntando (Virtuoso); M.x.O; Lutho; Truth; K.G.; Mr. Cool & Zero