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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Official Women Salute Video

We finally got hold of the Mr. Hebza Mabza’s Women Salute Video... Yes! There was a major and unnecessary hold up with getting the video here but we eventually did get it here. Lessons were learned; patience was tested; true colours were shown; there were disagreements but the agreements outweighed them; love was shown; good actors discovered; we got chased away; had stubborn 1400 vehicles speeding to hit us; ego’s clashed and all the stuff that only the cast and crew knows...
The original storyline and direction of photography for this video was done by Rapper / Producer: Muzi “Ehm’sHe” Mbungela, sadly he couldn’t see the project through because of his sudden move to Gauteng. On Ehm’sHe’s absence, Martin Mabilane, who was also quite pivotal in this whole project as the producer and sole camera man, had to step in to do the final editing without any input from Ehm’sHe.
The Cast:
Hebza’s Mother Figure - Dimakatso Thabane
Hebza’s Little Brother – S’fiso “Yung Fess” Mabuza
The DJ West’s entourage – Pedro Kan-ill & Lungstar

Special Thanks to: Pamela; Yung Fess; Perr; Romeo;  Hoodrat; J.O.B; Kliff Oday; Kwasi Akontoh; Lungstar; Pedro Kan-ill; Sanza; Dj West; Tebogo; Sga and all who braced us with their presence.
Without further ado... Hebza Mabza, with Women Salute, enjoy. Please send us your comments to or a facebook / twitter.

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