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This is where we will update ya'll on all the up and coming and already passed functions and general events that are organized by or in association with The NelCity Basement.

One of the first ever events to be hosted by the NelCity Basement was the "Basement Sesions" featuring The Western Fellas, Hebza Mabza, BMG, Ehm'sHe, Quartz (then), Rasbon and One Room Productions. The Sessions didn't do as expected so we decided to abort mission and revisit our drawing board.

Another event that went down as a good learning curve was "The One Room Entertainment Jam Session". The planning was very well done, practice was put in. The only low of this event was the attendance. Otherwise the event was well presented and organized by the O.R.E.

Moving on, J.O.B launched his debut album: "Me and Mi Crazy Dream" on 19 December 2009. This event was one of the first few events that rekindled the flame in the basement. One the 1's and 2's we had Dj Mreppah and TheBigZil was the host for the night. Acts who stole the night were people like: Sello The Tyrant of Words; Pedro Kan-ill and Shaun G'eezy; Hebza Mabza; Nu Error and Sabie's Own Flexi.

Fast forward... On July 31, 2010, The Smoke of Rhyme Family organized the first ever Smoke of Rhyme Festival at Oriental Nite Club in Kabokweni. The turn up was picking up when comparing to the previous events that the basement lent a hand in. Close to 30 performers left the place in pieces. Rapper / producer Ehm'sHe opened the show; Perr got everyone looking for "iBhiya yakhe (his beer-bottle)"; Mzitro played his part; Flexi left a mark, again; Pedro Kan-ill and Shaun G'eezy used up all their Ammunition; Hebza Mabza although he was overworked by all the organizing he had to do, he held it down regardless; Gejas did his thing; local veteran BMG got down as well. Other acts of note we're people like D-Charms, Stone and Tsheps Mash. J.O.B also graced us with his presence and he performed a few joints lifted off his debut album. Our Team of hosts, Musawenkosi, Mpumi and Andra Alex did not disappoint as well. A very interesting night indeed... 

  The 2nd Smoke of Rhyme Festival came back with a bang on September 5th, 2010. This time we had media coverage as well. Ses'khona covered the whole event and Rapper Hoodrat's MST Entertainment also sponsored the event. Every performer's act was extra polished, because everyone was doing it for TV. The biggest highlight for the night was how Stone stole the show with "Teach Me How To Gcob". Check the photo album in our facebook group. A perfect follow up indeed...

Khosovo Car Wash, put together an event on 6 November 2010. These were auditions for whoever wanted to affiliate with the Khosovo Crew. The panel of judges included people like: Mzitro, Mr. Khosovo himself, and Ehm'sHe. Mpumi carried the show from start to finish, and Dj Li'l Jack had her back on the one's and two's. 

The first Nelcity basement members from Left: M-zee; Lwazi; Wax Lyrikal; Trixxx; I.N.I; Illkid; Ntando (Virtuoso); M.x.O; Lutho; Truth; K.G.; Mr. Cool & Zero